Leater to Illoith


    Brave, Illoith


    Your Wrath shall be felt across the low lands. Know that your people take great pride in your recent attacks on the people of the Coil River.


    We’re particularly pleased with your ability to inspire a fighting spirit in others, whether they have true Scorcher blood or merely wish they did. To be blunt, we think you should have many more soldiers under your command.


    Many, many more.


    And recent events have rendered some remnants leaderless. With a bold stroke on your part, the remnants would rally to the banner so proudly display.


    As your bold stroke, do this


    Attack the Blight that is the Throlic Bridge across the River Coil by night.


    Since before the coming of the Scourge your people were feared and respected as warriors of the Servos Jungle. As I have stated before we would like to help you regain your former glory. My people understand the pain you have suffered at the hands of the Dwarves and the people of the Low Lands.


    It is a testament to the strength of your kind that you survived the harshness of the Scourge locked out of the soft comfort of their Kares.


    Fight with the valor of your ancestors, Illoith . And keep your hands stained red with the blood of the weak!


    I will visit you again next month, at a time of my choosing.





Leater to Illoith

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