Earthdawn 4E

Jimmy Problems Journal 3

Well as per usual we ended up trying to figure stuff out and bustin’ heads. Then we realized we’ve been bustin the wrong heads. And the Right heads were really the wrong heads. And we had our heads up our butts… So now I’m confused. Well I’ll try and start at the beginning. There’s a lot to cover so bear with me if I skim over some of the belabored points.

We decided to follow Grendo out of the camp as he had another letter from our mysterious Eladrin Architect. We approached him for some info, and as he didn’t provide us with any intel we swiped his communication to his ‘Wife’. Carvingbone & Rags thought there was some kind of hidden message so we kept it rather than returning it. The Eladrin Dandy diddn’t like that too much. He freaked out on Grendo apparently. We thought this confirmed the secret message theory.

So we followed Grendo with the ‘found’ message with the idea of catching him up and asking some questions. We did and a fight broke out. We were able to get to Grendo before we killed all his men and we let the survivors go. The Mercs were paid so they diddn’t care to much after the fact. We woke Grendo and questioned him. Apparently he was carrying intelligence to Throal for the Eladrin. Who was an Agent of Throal. They suspected Boldwords as a traitor.

We headed back to the camp. Before we were going to confront Boldwords we were going to check with Thorgrim via the speaking stone in Boldword’s tent. But when I snuck in there I wasn’t alone. The Eladrin was there, as was some kind of a shape changing creature. I’m not sure what it is, but I just threw a Shuriken at it. So I guess we’ll figure that out later…

An Oral History of Jimmy Problems and his Marauding Avengers

Jimmy Problems and his companions had managed to foil an attack on the Throals Bridge building crew located at the Coil river along the Old Theran road to Darranis. They examined the bodies of the fallen and discovered that the savage Orks were being lead by what looked like an Eladrin. They Eladrin was horribly disfigured. His skin was pierced by thorns, and when his body was examined Jimmy's men discovered that this affliction was all over his body.  The Party also discovered a Letter with a oddly corrupted symbol of the Elves of Wrym Wood that makes it plain that the attacks on the Bridge crew are at the behest of some larger power.  Jimmy porblems and his band return with information and share it with thesection comander Tyrul Boldwords

Jimmy Problems Journel 2.

Huzzah and Boo-yah! It's been awhile since I can remember the thrill of the battle and the feeling of discovery. I should have set out to task myself with this adventure long ago, rather than sitting feeling sorry for myself. I'm feeling more and more comfortable in my skin. If this is who I am, I think I like it. After the Tanner was assigned as the new Mayor, Bordok joined our party. We headed for the Bridge site. Despite some setbacks invovling some bad directions we were able to reach the Construction site. It was pretty obvious upon arriving that the camp was dug in and on high alert. They reported that they had been under attack from some Hairy men. The had not dermined any ryhme or reason for these attacks. There seemed to be a general disagreement in the camp's Bigwigs over the Construction. Aparently the Eladrin Archietect was being very particular in the bridge's construction, much to the annoyance of the dwarven military commander. Rags & Carvingbone seemed convinced there was something mystic going on and seemed to distrust the Eladrin's motivations. Me? It seemed to me like he was just a gigantic asshole. Despite this I agreed to help interecept some of his private communciation. He was giving it to a local trader who was passing through on his way to Throal. Anyway what was passing as a distraction for me, turned into a drinking contest. The moral of the story was 'do not bet against Jovas the Grim when he's drinking.' Especially not with us helping him. As I've been on the recieving end of much of the echanted gear I overlooked the fact that he was using it to bet. We were able to win some enchanted armor to keep our bigger meat sheilds safe. We were woken in the middle of the night as someone was heard in the woods. Someone who seemed to want to remain stealthy. Carvingbone used an arrow and light enchant to expose the Spy for a moment, and the rest of us chased him into the night. Just as we thought he had lost us we were able to pull up upon his base camp, unnoticed. Now we had become the Stalkers. Carvingbone & myself crept around back to take out their big guns while Jovas, Bordok, & Rags did the frontal assault. All went well till a couple arrows knocked me down, I awoke to Raggok slapping my face and chanting some prayers. I deceided to keep my head down after that. After I stuffed a healing potion down Rag's throat, I decided to try and use the rocks for cover. With one final charge it was over. We realized the hairy men were goblins, but their leader, our stalker, was humanoid, yet covered in cactus like needles. One further thing, that last charge I made, I felt something… different. Like part of my chest began to burn a little bit, and all of a sudden I felt like I could have gone faster. I'll have to remember that, should I or someone else have need of it…

Problem's Journal

Journal of Jimmy Problems 2/26/09 Writing in this Journal isn’t as foreign a feeling as I might have thought. It gives me hope that I might have been wise enough to do this in the past. So that there might be some record of the insanity that had been my life prior to my… memory setback.

The traveling companions I have allied myself with at present have taken a job from the Local Militia. Captain Argus Thorgrim, Marshal of Throal has hired us to scout the Southern road to Throal. Our destination was the village of Ardanyan. Our objectives being to scout, report and take care of any situations that may arise. Pretty broad list of orders like that is likely to get you into trouble. And so it did.

I had been advising the party on the best way to remain undetected from the Animals and wild humanoids that might occupy the area. On the third day I realized we were being followed. We took up defensive positions as Jovas decided to beat the bushes for our quarry. He was not disappointed. We encountered a flock of two headed birds of prey. Apparently flightless they vomited some kind of Orange dye which apart from staining, seemed to confound the victim. These ‘Bi-birds’ seemed to be starving, either they had depleted their food source or it had left the area. Once we dispatched the Flock, Carvingbone was able to track them to their lair in the hills.

It was there we made an interesting discovery. The Entrance to a kaer. It seems the Bi-Birds were using it as their Nest. The Wards to the entrance of the Kaer were apparently turned off in a very careful and slow fashion. Each ward was surrounded by tiny glyphs and runes encircling every protection to the opening of the Kaer. Carvingbone & Rags were able to decipher parts of the language. A fact I find impressive. I know first hand how difficult decoding Horrors languages can be. We dispatched a larger alpha bird. I find the details rather fuzzy however. I hope this is not a relapse of my previous condition. In that case it is imperative that I keep up with these journals, as my memory may not be as reliable.

With some hard work and careful planning by Carvingbone & Myself we were able to use the horses to shift some of the rock that had caved in the entrance of the Kaer. There was a small opening to the top of the rubble. I decided to chance the tunnel alone. Though I had guessed the fate of those who dwelled within, I was determined for someone to know their story. Knowledge the past has become a bit of an obsession of mine of late.These people had a tale that should be told, they deserved to be remembered.

With a rope tied round me for support I began my way through the small opening. It was dark and smelled of a foul spice both disgusting and familiar. Several times I felt the rock shift beneath me, and I was able to steady myself. Finally I exited the tunnel into the black of the Kaer. I waited for my Companions to make their way through. Jovas took awhile, but helped widen the hole for the way back.

This was the Kaer of Strathem. We figured on 70 to 80 souls. On average a small Kaer. It seemed that it also had a tragic end. We found most of the bodies in the Kitchen, where they seemed to have been piled for food. As their Stores seemed high, we feared a demonic horror possession of some kind. From the Journals and writings we determined that this must have happened at once, very suddenly. We were unable to bury these lost souls anymore than they had been sealed already. With the Kaer now a tomb, we were little more than scavengers upon their lives. We took their writings so that their story maybe told. I also took an enchanted blade from one of the more impressive corpses. I look forward to the day where I might plunge it into those responsible for this. With the Kaer of Strathem behind us but not forgotten.

We made our way to Ardanyan. Where we would find more to occupy us. We arrived in town and made our way to the Marshal, only to discover he’d been murdered. The investigating Deputy was a Dwarf by the name of Bordok the ‘Severed’. I never asked what of his was ever severed. It seemed rude to ask. Sides as much as I get along with my own race, it was getting to be too much of a Human’s only club. I feel less like Thorgrim was sending us humans to do the dirty, high death count work cause of some kind of racism. Anyhow, we quickly decided to help Bordok in his endeavors to investigate the murder. This decision was ratified later by Thorgrim but way of speaking stone.

 The main suspect was already in custody. She was admitting guilt and was simply sitting in her cell, cool as can be. The local Shaman woman, Mother Bea, was old but reeked of power and confidence. I would not admit that I’m a book smart man, but I know when someone hasn’t played all their cards yet. And she was sitting on some kind of straight flush here. Unlike some of my colleagues I was willing to be patient. I felt we were making inroads with her, til she apparently had the second deputy commit suicide. Carvingbone lost it and tried to shoot her. With the mayor missing and Bea’s son “Darlin” probably being behind it, I didn’t think it wise to end this creature just yet.

We were able to raid Bea’s place and I was able to disarm the Mystical Ward protecting it with the help of Carvingbone & Raggok. We found evidence of her ‘Magik’. She had apparently invoked a horror named Shantelle. With Bordok’s notes on recent disappearances I guessed that she had be blessing people with singular gifts. As all the missing were tops in his or her field. This was confirmed by Raggok’s inspection of the Sheriff. We found a sigil across his heart. Mother Bea also had such markings or “kisses from Shantelle” across her body. They looked eerily familiar. I attempted to persuade her more by showing some of my own… scars. She was interested. She informed me that they were “kisses” from other dark Deities. Although I had guessed this was what they were, the truth confirmed made it no easier to take, nor did it remove my feelings of taint or uncleanness.

We were alerted to the fact that Darlin had appeared again and taken the Blacksmith. We rounded the final members of the council put them into the Church and headed out looking for Darlin. Unsuccessful, we returned to find our quarry had sought US out. Darlin was standing in the middle of the town square with his hostages roaring for his mother’s release. He was a big one. Bordok took control of the situation. Jovas brought out mother Bea while Carvingbone & I snuck up from behind and flank. Bordok determined that the Mayor & Blacksmith were already dead. The Banter kept up until ultimately Raggok struck down Mother Bea. I reacted as fast as I could, but I lacked the strength to free the girl from Darlin’s grasp. I wasn’t prepared for it, I couldn’t stop his killing of the girl, or his sacrificing her to create flaming undead who stormed into the church with the townsfolk, igniting whatever they touched. I just wish… I had more time… Carvingbone, Jovas & I engaged Darlin while Rags & Bordok ran to deal with the “Fever-Zombies”. Jovas went down in the second round to a vicious assault, I myself was grabbed by his intestines and had to fight to escape his clutches. I was able to aid Carvingbone in taking him down, but when he started to run, I had to break off pursuit. Jovas looked as he might take a bad turn and I decided to aid him. I rushed to his pack and pulled out his healing potion, as my own healing skills are not as reliable as I’d like. Once revived Jovas ran into the burning building rescuing as many people as he could. I got lost upon entering and soon realized that nobody was left to save. I yelled for my companions to get out and left myself. We were able to save most of the town elders and townspeople, but I’m very troubled in that I was not able to save that girl. Mother Bea had hinted to the ‘power’ that resided in my scars. Would that have been enough? Could I control it? Would it control me? How many could I save? Who would save me, should I fall? It’s crazy to think. But maybe my future is still linked to my past.

First Report to Capt. Thorgrim, via carrier pigeon
Recap of first two sessions

To: Captain Argus Thorgrim, Marshal of Throal From: Arvian Carvenbone


Attached, you will find maps and diagrams detailing the leg of our journey from Bartertowm to the village Ardanyan, as well as this report outlining what we have seen, encountered, and done since our departure.

Very little remains of the Southern Road from Throal. It was extremely difficult and slow going through the overgrowth, and we only found patches of the old road, and even those have been all but destroyed, reclaimed by a forest checked only by the Horrors. Despite my own knack for wood-lore and the general hardiness of our unit, our nights were never truly restful and our days were spent achy and somewhat out of sorts.

I have marked our chosen path on Map 1. I have highlighted the segments of the map wherein we discovered remnants of the old road, as well as what I think are the optimal places for regrading or repaving. To supplement my admittedly sketchy map, I marked several trees or large rocks with the following symbol: “**” in chalk where possible, although once or twice I used a knife to carve the symbol into wood or a tree. My markings are small and hopefully unobtrusive, and I suggest that any and all units or workcrews that make use of this information be accompanied by a ranger or woodsman.

On our third day, I noticed a distinct absence of animal activity. It was clearly something unnatural, and I suspected some sort of holdover from the Horrors. Sure enough, later that same day, we were beset by a large group of bird-like creatures. The largest of them were man-sized, and they were some gruesome amalgam of several birds, down to possessing multiple sets of eyes and two clacking beaks, all of which operated independently of each other, while still managing to function as a single entity. We slew the entire group, and I was initially satisfied that these creatures were the cause of the absence of the animals. But as we investigated the bodies, I came to realize that these starving creatures were scavengers rather than hunters, and that they attacked us only out of desperation.

We tracked the monsters back to their dwelling and slew the leader of the pack, along with all of the young we found. I dislike the idea of exterminating an entire species, but these were monsters, not animals. We have dubbed the creatures Bi-Birds. We have no guarantee that there are no more of the creatures, although we seem to have eliminated their threat in the immediate area.

Investigating their lair, we soon realized that the cave in which they lived was the entrance to a lost kaer. There was an abundance of circles of warding and protection, each containing many runes and sigils. Unfortunately, each rune and sigil had been scratched out and marked over with another symbol in a different language of what Raggok’s Will and I have determined to be some sort of evil magic wielded by the more intelligent of the Horrors. These symbols effectively destroyed the protective magic’s surrounding the kaer entrance. The kaer itself was blocked by a cave-in, and as we decided how to proceed, Raggok’s Will spent more time investigating the markings, until he found himself ensorcelled by them during his watch. Fortunately, Jimmy Problems discovered him, and I was able to wake him. At my suggestion, he Raggok’s Will continued his investigation, and he was once again thrown into a trance-like state. We woke him again, and it was decided, in a rare flash of insight from Jovas the Grim, that he would do rubbings of the remaining sigils that he wished to record and research.

With some effort, I was able to get the horses up to the cave, and we used them to pull some of the boulders out of the way from the cave-in, and then Jimmy Problems was able to worm his way inside and reconnoiter the kaer. Soon enough, we were all inside and investigating. One of the first things we noticed was a savory odor of spice, although we were never able to glean the source of the scent. It was the kaer of Strathem, as were to discover from journals and books that we found there.

Strathem is a small kaer, housing fourteen families, for a total of about 70-80 souls. All are dead, and have been for years. The bodies of all within were to be found in their common cooking area, and it was clear from the conditions of the bodies that they were eating each other. Initially, we thought that they had simply run out of food, but checking their food stores, we found that there was still plenty of supplies to last them for months. Something other than hunger had driven them to cannibalism. We fear a Horrific possession, something that is at least partially borne out by the journals we found, which all seem to indicate some sort of mass transformation on a particular date. All of the hands become that of one person, and in the same eldritch language that had dispelled the wards protecting the kaer.

There was nothing to be done for this place or these bodies in the short term; a proper dispensation of the bodies and the kaer requires more time and man-power than we have at hand. I have marked Strathem on the map, and we request that you send a larger, more prepared team to follow up there. We have kept the journals to study, and it seems that we were wise to do so.

Several days later, we came to Ardanyan, still wearied and battered from our travel. Our immediate intent was to check in with the local sheriff, but we soon learned from the rumor mill that he’d been murdered just two day before. Instead, we checked in with the deputies. One in particular, Bordok “the Severed”, seemed to be trying to maintain the peace and solve the murder. Indeed, he already had a suspect in custody who had apparently confessed to the crime, one “Mother Bea”, a local witch or shamaness. Clearly steeped in evil, in the Horrors, I found her to be repugnant and unrepentant. We left her that we could investigate her belongings and to consult the mayor.

The mayor and his assistant/daughter had gone missing, and the likely culprit was “Darlin’”, Mother Bea’s enormous son. When we returned to the jail to continue our questioning of the woman, she’d seemingly frightened the other deputy into gouging out his own eyes and swallowing his tongue. The sweet scent of spice, similar to what we’d noticed in the kaer, filled the room. We were losing lawmen faster than we were apprehending suspects.

We raided her home and pried our way into her underground altar…apparently to Shantel, who we presume is a Named Horror of some kind. He’d left his touch on a number of the villagers from what we were able to glean, a touch that was visible as ritual branding. Mother Bea was covered with the brands, and the corpse of the sheriff had one over his heart. More investigation revealed that many of the town’s exceptional people had been “kissed” by Shantel, and had subsequently repaid with their lives. By all accounts, the mayor was unremarkable, but he was also the village’s foremost magician…besides the witch herself.

Attempts the track Darlin’ were unsuccessful, he is clearly no mean woodsman, and I lost his spoor in the evening while tracking him into the mountains. It proved to be no matter, we returned to Ardanyan just in time to hear him bellowing for his mother.

He had the corpses of the blacksmith and the mayor with him, and held the mayor’s daughter at knife point. We took up tactical positions against him as Bordok tried to negotiate the girl’s release. Ultimately, we threatened the like of Mother Bea, but Darlin’ would not release the girl. Raggok’s Will smote her down, Jimmy Problems tried and failed to snatch the girl to freedom, and I began firing. I’d noticed that Darlin’ had somehow begun a ritual of some kind, and we tried to be prepared for whatever magic’s he had in store for us, but how could we know he would sacrifice the girl to Shantel (presumably), and use her heart to raise the corpses at his feet as what I have come to call Fever Zombies?

Burning with a blue fire, the Fever Zombies ran swiftly into the Temple of the Passions…where we’d told the village elders to take shelter. Everything they touched burned with magical speed, and everyone they killed arose as another Fever Zombie. The others ran into the building to rescue as many as they could, while I continued to put arrows into Darlin’. Mother Bea had told us that Darlin’ had been sired by Shantel, and I believe it. I filled him with enough arrows to kill a regiment, and he only fell after he’d run nearly a half mile. Fortunately, he was a big target.

After we’d extinguished the fire and saved as many as we could, I went after Darlin’s body, but half-fiend that he was, he’d risen and fled once again. I know for certain that I’d delivered a kill shot in the end, so it is yet some foul magic, probably that of his otherworldly father, that continues to power his heart. I fear that we must hunt him down and destroy him. We killed his mother and defiled an altar to his Horrorific sire. We confiscated their Unholy book. I can only hope that he turns his ire on us and not the people of Ardanyan. If he does…Hellseeker, which I have named my bow, will be strung and ready.

As an aside, in assigning Bordok to our unit, I find that our party is largely comprised of men who have suffered at the hands of the Horrors. Indeed, Jimmy Problems has seemingly been “kissed” by multiple Greater Horrors, and both Raggok’s Will and Bordok the Severed bear the scars of battle with the Horrors. We are well-suited for this sort of work, but I fear that we will lose our objectivity. We are able to put the safety of the innocent first for now, but I don’t know how long any of us will be able to resist…Raggok’s will.

Also, it is our expectation that Geomund the Tanner will be appointed mayor before the week is out. This village has been scarred by the recent events, and he will need a larger and stronger presence from the Marshals in order to keep these people safe and thriving.

We now prepare to move on to the Coil River Bridge with their supplies. I will report again when there is news.

Arvian Carvenbone

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