Earthdawn 4E

Jimmy Problems Journel 2.

Huzzah and Boo-yah! It's been awhile since I can remember the thrill of the battle and the feeling of discovery. I should have set out to task myself with this adventure long ago, rather than sitting feeling sorry for myself. I'm feeling more and more comfortable in my skin. If this is who I am, I think I like it. After the Tanner was assigned as the new Mayor, Bordok joined our party. We headed for the Bridge site. Despite some setbacks invovling some bad directions we were able to reach the Construction site. It was pretty obvious upon arriving that the camp was dug in and on high alert. They reported that they had been under attack from some Hairy men. The had not dermined any ryhme or reason for these attacks. There seemed to be a general disagreement in the camp's Bigwigs over the Construction. Aparently the Eladrin Archietect was being very particular in the bridge's construction, much to the annoyance of the dwarven military commander. Rags & Carvingbone seemed convinced there was something mystic going on and seemed to distrust the Eladrin's motivations. Me? It seemed to me like he was just a gigantic asshole. Despite this I agreed to help interecept some of his private communciation. He was giving it to a local trader who was passing through on his way to Throal. Anyway what was passing as a distraction for me, turned into a drinking contest. The moral of the story was 'do not bet against Jovas the Grim when he's drinking.' Especially not with us helping him. As I've been on the recieving end of much of the echanted gear I overlooked the fact that he was using it to bet. We were able to win some enchanted armor to keep our bigger meat sheilds safe. We were woken in the middle of the night as someone was heard in the woods. Someone who seemed to want to remain stealthy. Carvingbone used an arrow and light enchant to expose the Spy for a moment, and the rest of us chased him into the night. Just as we thought he had lost us we were able to pull up upon his base camp, unnoticed. Now we had become the Stalkers. Carvingbone & myself crept around back to take out their big guns while Jovas, Bordok, & Rags did the frontal assault. All went well till a couple arrows knocked me down, I awoke to Raggok slapping my face and chanting some prayers. I deceided to keep my head down after that. After I stuffed a healing potion down Rag's throat, I decided to try and use the rocks for cover. With one final charge it was over. We realized the hairy men were goblins, but their leader, our stalker, was humanoid, yet covered in cactus like needles. One further thing, that last charge I made, I felt something… different. Like part of my chest began to burn a little bit, and all of a sudden I felt like I could have gone faster. I'll have to remember that, should I or someone else have need of it…


I added a link to your Recap. BTW add 150 xp

Jimmy Problems Journel 2.

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