Earthdawn 4E

Jimmy Problems Journal 3

Well as per usual we ended up trying to figure stuff out and bustin’ heads. Then we realized we’ve been bustin the wrong heads. And the Right heads were really the wrong heads. And we had our heads up our butts… So now I’m confused. Well I’ll try and start at the beginning. There’s a lot to cover so bear with me if I skim over some of the belabored points.

We decided to follow Grendo out of the camp as he had another letter from our mysterious Eladrin Architect. We approached him for some info, and as he didn’t provide us with any intel we swiped his communication to his ‘Wife’. Carvingbone & Rags thought there was some kind of hidden message so we kept it rather than returning it. The Eladrin Dandy diddn’t like that too much. He freaked out on Grendo apparently. We thought this confirmed the secret message theory.

So we followed Grendo with the ‘found’ message with the idea of catching him up and asking some questions. We did and a fight broke out. We were able to get to Grendo before we killed all his men and we let the survivors go. The Mercs were paid so they diddn’t care to much after the fact. We woke Grendo and questioned him. Apparently he was carrying intelligence to Throal for the Eladrin. Who was an Agent of Throal. They suspected Boldwords as a traitor.

We headed back to the camp. Before we were going to confront Boldwords we were going to check with Thorgrim via the speaking stone in Boldword’s tent. But when I snuck in there I wasn’t alone. The Eladrin was there, as was some kind of a shape changing creature. I’m not sure what it is, but I just threw a Shuriken at it. So I guess we’ll figure that out later…



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