Earthdawn 4E

An Oral History of Jimmy Problems and his Marauding Avengers

Jimmy Problems and his companions had managed to foil an attack on the Throals Bridge building crew located at the Coil river along the Old Theran road to Darranis. They examined the bodies of the fallen and discovered that the savage Orks were being lead by what looked like an Eladrin. They Eladrin was horribly disfigured. His skin was pierced by thorns, and when his body was examined Jimmy's men discovered that this affliction was all over his body.  The Party also discovered a Letter with a oddly corrupted symbol of the Elves of Wrym Wood that makes it plain that the attacks on the Bridge crew are at the behest of some larger power.  Jimmy porblems and his band return with information and share it with thesection comander Tyrul Boldwords



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